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Specializing in power units 20 GPM or less






Flow Regulating Valves


Fixed Standard Pressure 1300 & 1400 series
Fixed High Pressure 23000 & 24000 series
Fully Adjustable 2200 series
Smooth Slip-In 1500 series
Threaded Insertable 6500 series
Flow Divider/Combiner 27000 series


Fixed Flow 2400 series
Fixed Priority 2500 series
Fully Adjustable 2600 series
Fully Adjustable Priority 2700 series
Limited Adjustable 2800 series
Limited Adjustable Priority 2900 series
Flow Divider / Combiner 2300 series

Pressure Controls

In-Line Relief Valve

Standard Direct Acting 40201 series
Direct Acting w/free reverse flow 49000 series
Differential Area w/free reverse flow 49040 series
Dual Crossover 42000 series
Thermal Relief 49070 series

Cartridge Relief Valves

Standard Direct Acting 4500 series
Differential Area 4600 series
Differential Area w/free reverse flow 4700 series

Directional Valves

In-Line Check Valves

Standard Poppet 10312 series
Standard Ball 10101 series
Compact Poppet 1900 series
Smooth Slip-In 14100 series
Orifice type all poppet checks
Soft Seat
Single Pilot
Double Pilot

Cartridge Check Valves

Standard Poppet 1800 series
Single Pilot 1700 series
Logic 3000 & 3100 series
Shuttle 3200 series
Manual (push-pull) 3300 series
Soft Seat

Custom Products & Manifolds

Custom Products

The entire standard In-Line and Cartridge product line can be customized to meet unique application requirements. Also, new innovative products can be designed when modifications of current products do not provide the best solution.
Custom Regulating Valves
Special Safety Valves
Offset Shuttles
Externally Actuated Valves
Spool Valves
Custom Integrated Manifolds
Lock Valves

Safety Valves


Standard 28000 & 28001 series
High Sensitivity 28300 series
Low Sensitivity 28400 series
Threaded Insertable 8100 series
Smooth Slip-In 21800 series


Standard 8500 series
High Sensitivity 38500 series
Low Sensitivity 48500 series

Flow Limiters


Standard 28050 & 28051 series
High Sensitivity 28350 series
Low Sensitivity 28450 series
Threaded Insertable 8200 series
Smooth Slip-In 21850 series


Standard 8600 series
High Sensitivity 38600 series
Low Sensitivity 48600 series


Standard Integrated Manifolds

Compact integrated hydraulic manifolds for consolidation of multiple control functions, designed to meet all customer specifications in a space saving package


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